Digicam FAQ's
What do I need for the web cast?
Nothing, we just need to know who wants to view the event.

How much does it cost for an event web cast?
Webcasts' start from $600.00 for an eight hour day.
Additional charges may apply.

How many people can log on and watch?

Up to 1000 people. Some connections may be shared by multiple viewers in the same location.

What if our location doesn't have an internet connection?
DIGICAM.net.nz uses wireless data broadband with Telecom.
With the coverage available we can webcast where ever wireless data covers;
which is most of the country. (note: some rural areas do not have coverage)
DIGICAM.net.nz will test the location for coverage before proceeding.

How long will my web cast be?

Most events are 60 minutes. Up to 3 hours of web casting for a single event is available.

What will the web cast look like?
It will look like a video on Maxcast.
Lighting and shotgun microphones are used to capture a quality picture and sound.
(no need to wear microphones or a boom operator).

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