Digital Photography
The arrival of digital cameras has enabled photos to be quickly downloaded to our computer, emailed, printed and stored. But at the end of the day the main difference with our traditional film cameras and digital cameras is there is no film. All the other variables in photography such as lighting, exposure, composition, still require expertise to get the best results. Here at digicam studios we have the expertise to get the best results for your web site, print catalogue and advertisements. As well as photography we can clear cut, colour correct and retouch your photos to your requirements.

  • We can provide RGB, CMYK, and internet ready images.
  • We use Canon EOS 350D and 400D SLR digital cameras.
  • We specialise in location, industrial, product and portraiture photographs.
Below is some samples from our gallery: Click on thumbnails to enlarge
Location/Industrial appartments arena arial building construction construction2 crane lumley lumley2 Product beet blackmores brandy china cushion cushions duvee flowers frames2 frames3 glasses toy vase wine Portraiture family kids portrait portrait2 portrait3 portrait photography portrait photography portrait photography portrait photography portrait photography

For further information phone 0508 digicam (344422)